Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Perfect Timing!

A Welcome Surprise!
Lavender Crocuses!
This afternoon after doing errands, I checked out the status of our Crocuses.  I've been watching their growth for the past 2 weeks.  Little green sprouts that did survive the snow. 

Today- Surprise!  Perfect timing on the 1st day of Spring!  Today, in a different area, lavender flowers were visible!

Happy Spring!!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Best Irish Soda Bread!

Irish Soda Bread
It's that time of year when everyone is Irish!!  St. Patrick's Day is approaching.  Me?  I'm Irish by marriage and yes, it does count as being Irish!  For that reason I always bake an Irish Soda Bread for us to enjoy.  Usually I bake it a day or two before March 17.

I had tried different recipes over the years.  The results were, well, too dry.  Then, I hit the jackpot one year.  I discovered it by googling.  It was on another foodie blog.  This is the best Irish Soda Bread that I've ever baked/ tasted!!  The Irish Soda Bread was made using Buttermilk, Butter and Raisins that were first soaked in hot water.  There was no need to spread any additional butter (flavored or not) on top before eating.

Heating a slice of this scrumptious bread in the microwave for a few seconds results in a warm "melt in your mouth" slice of bread!  Double yum here!!

One year in my haste of preparing it, I melted the Butter, first.  That proved to be a good move!!  The dough comes together much easier using cooled, melted Butter.

Oh, Butter is a necessity here.  I've used Margarine, but it is not as tasty.  So- Unsalted Butter it is!

The dough is very sticky.  For that reason I spread a little Butter on my hands before removing the dough from the bowl.  The dough becomes easier to work with.

Ready for the Oven!
For the recipe, click here.  More of my hints are also included in this post that I wrote a few years ago.

Usually, I freeze 2 slices for us to enjoy at a future date.  That is a great find in our freezer!

Bake an Irish Soda Bread using this recipe and you and your family will be very happy on St. Patrick's Day!!  No need to buy one!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Winter Salad

So colorful!
Preparing and then enjoying fresh veggie salads during the colder months seems so much more challenging than when fresh local colorful veggies are available in the summer.  It may be because I like the taste of the fresh local tomatoes served over spinach leaves.  Now that is a great salad when it has a balsamic vinaigrette drizzled over the top!

All is not lost during the winter months in New England.  Tasty baby spinach leaves are still available to purchase.  With a few other staples in our pantry and fridge a great colorful salad is just minutes away!  This is also quick and easy!  Double plus!!

A dollop of cottage cheese (with or without pineapple chunks) placed on the fresh spinach leaves is just the beginning.  Then, add a few chunks of a pear (fresh or canned) on top.  Craisins (dried cranberries) are the last addition to this nutritious, colorful, flavorful salad.  No dressing is needed! 

After enjoying this Winter Salad as part of our dinner last night, I definitely do not miss the fresh local tomatoes anymore.  There will be plenty of them to enjoy in a few months!


Friday, March 1, 2019

March 2!

March 2 is the day
we remember to say
Happy Birthda
to you
Dr. Seuss!!!

Visiting the The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum and then the sculptures at the Springfield Museums in Springfield, MA is always FuN!

"The creator of these childhood favorites, Theodor Seuss Geisel, was born in Springfield, MA on March 2, 1904.  Seuss was his mother's maiden name.  This author wrote so many wonderful stories for children (of all ages) using the name Dr. Seuss!"

Thank you, Theodor Seuss Geisel for writing all of those wonderful stories!!!

We Enjoy Them!