Monday, May 31, 2021

~Memorial Day~

Today is Memorial Day-
the day we remember
and we honor
the men and the women
who have died
in service
to our country

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Beautiful Month of May!

Every week during the month of May there are always new "happenings" going on in our gardens.  A quick walk around our yard or a glance out of our windows bring beautiful sights!

Today, the large cluster of lavendar Chives can be seen from a distance.  A closer look at the Irises brought a great surprise!  The long slender buds are beginning to form.  Soon there will be many more.  The big pink Peonies are beautiful and there are more buds!

In another area the small green Zinnia sprouts have popped up. They were planted from seeds that were harvested from last year's abundant colorful crop.  It's a tradition to save the seeds, plant them the following year and enjoy the gorgeous colors!  Spring is a beautiful time of year!

Happy Gardening!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Grilled Swordfish!

Grilled Swordfish
The warm weather has arrived!  Here in Western Massachusetts we have gardening on our minds!  It's time to start purchasing our annuals, perennials and seeds too.  The garden centers were crowded today with so many enthusiastic people choosing the plants that will add color to their yards this Spring, Summer and Autumn.  Some people are also planning their vegetable gardens. 

Today is a beautiful sunny day and our local grocery store has fresh Swordfish in the Seafood Department.  I knew what we would be having for dinner.  Grilled Swordfish!  It's easy to prepare and does not take long to grill.   

The amount of needed grilling time depends on the size of the piece of Swordfish Steak and your grill. Using our grill it usually takes 14- 15 minutes total grilling time.  7 minutes on each side.

For my Grilling Swordfish recipe, click here.  Yes, it is worth the click! 

Now that we have returned to shopping "in person" in our grocery store, Mashed Potatoes and a veggie salad will also be served.  It's amazing how much we missed eating Mashed Potatoes when I was planning our menu for one and one-half weeks at a time.  We also did not have fresh seafood as much as we usually do.  However, a bag of frozen Shrimp was always in our large freezer.  Frozen Shrimp has become a staple for me and purchasing it "on Special" is the best way.  This past year+ has certainly been challenging, but the future looks so bright!



Sunday, May 9, 2021

To All Moms...

Enjoy your special day!!!