Sunday, December 27, 2009

Banana Flavored?

Definitely! For so many years Cream of Wheat cereal has been a nutritious, calcium enriched, creamy Breakfast prepared and eaten during the cold winter months. On a brisk winter day this cereal just hits the spot! It takes little time to prepare and tastes so good.

After enjoying a wonderful Christmas with family and eating special foods, it was time to get back to a routine. This morning I glanced over to our Fruit Bowl. One remaining piece of fruit was in the Bowl - an overripe Banana.

No, an overripe Banana is not a piece of fruit that I find yummy. But, it would be bursting with flavor. This morning the lonely spotted Banana was cut into slices and placed in the pot containing the Cream of Wheat granules and the Milk. Following the directions on the box, Breakfast was ready quickly.

Ah, Banana flavored Cream of Wheat! Now, that is one tasty breakfast!

As this year comes to a close, and a new year is around the corner, I wish all of you, my Blogging Friends - Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Rose Colored Pyrex …

Today both pieces of my rose colored Pyrex was taken out of my kitchen cabinet. I remember purchasing these two pieces as a set from my local grocery store probably fifteen years ago. They are used often! At Christmas time these pieces of Pyrex are used to make two very easy, quick and yummy treats.

Whenever my sons were “back home” while attending college, Raisin Rice Krispies Bars and Jello Jigglers would be located in our fridge. Very quickly, I became aware that after a rapid walk through of our home to check out the familiar surroundings, the tour would always end with the opening of the fridge door. Then, smiles would appear! The Raisin Krispies Bars (click here) always contained Raisins. However, the flavor of the Jigglers would be a surprise.

Today, Strawberry Jigglers were made. The recipe is on the box of Jello Gelatin. Children of all ages love those two treats! Do you make either or both of these yummy goodies?

Now, where did I put the wrapping paper and the bows …

Enjoy this time of year!

May You and Your Family Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


The temperature outdoors reminds us to wear the winter hats and the warm gloves when we bundle up! It certainly is a tad chilly! Christmas is just around the corner, so it is the perfect time to bake a batch of HERMITS. Hermits are moisty, chewy Molasses and Raisin cookies that are baked in three rolls on one large cookie sheet. Yes, you guessed it! They are a family favorite! Whenever Hermits are baking in my oven the wonderful aroma of Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves fills my home. Yummy!

Two weeks ago I baked a batch of Hermits to share with my Docent friends at our annual December Holiday Luncheon. Every year after our delicious Lunch, we all sample the mouth-watering cookies that everyone has brought to our yearly gathering. There are cookies to bring home, too! During the year we Docents volunteer at the Springfield Museums by giving tours to school groups. The Springfield Museums are a group of five museums that contain Art, History and Science. The Quadrangle (as it is called) is one of my favorite places. Can you tell that I enjoy visiting museums? Do you, also? There is always so much more to learn.

With the holidays approaching another batch of Hermits will be prepared this weekend. After the individual cookies have been placed in the cookie canister, it will be hard to eat just one! Do you bake Hermits? If you would like to bake a batch, my recipe is below. Or click here for a printable Recipe Card.


Oven temperature: 375°, Bake: 20 - 22 Minutes (22 Minutes gas oven)


¾ cup solid Crisco shortening
1 and ½ cups Sugar
¼ cup Molasses
2 Tbs. Water
2 Eggs – (Reserve about 1 tsp. for coating)
1 cup Raisins
3 cups Flour
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Ginger
½ tsp. Ground Cloves


1. Using mixer, beat Shortening, Sugar, Molasses & Water. Beat until creamy.
2. Reserve about 1 tsp. of Egg. Add Eggs & beat.
3. Now add Baking Soda, Spices & Flour. Flour is added ¼ cup at a time and mixed into batter. Otherwise you will be peering through a white mist. ;-)
4. Fold in raisins by hand using a big spoon or spatula.
5. Spray PAM on a large cookie sheet.
6. Divide dough into three pieces. Make three rows of dough on cookie sheet, leaving about 1 ½ ” border on each end. Dough is very sticky.
7. Coat top with reserved Egg – use back of teaspoon to spread.
8. Bake in preheated 375° oven for 22 minutes (gas oven).
9. Cool 15 minutes & cut into diagonals. I throw away end pieces – too hard after cooled.
10. Store in container after cooler.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Quick Yummy Dinner!

Preparing for the holidays keeps all of us busy! One project is underway and another seems to be in the forming stages. It certainly keeps us moving and humming along. Yesterday, decorating the new small artificial trees for our front doorstep required using my hubby’s Workshop.

Now, I am very acquainted where everything is located in my Kitchen and in my Sewing/Computer Room. However, I usually do not venture into the Workshop, so I can never easily locate the glue sticks and the glue gun. Actually, the easier method was to ask for help in locating everything I needed, because I also wanted to use my hubby’s large workbench.

After my Christmas trees decorating project was completed, it was time to start dinner.

Earlier in the day Sea Scallops were purchased at our local grocery store. It was frigid outdoors, but the aroma of Pan Seared Scallops (click here) on my stove reminded me of the warm days of summer. The “Baked Potatoes” were in the microwave and a nutritious, colorful veggie salad was already on the table. A yummy dinner was ready quickly! Do you also enjoy preparing and eating Seafood during the colder months?

After dinner my knitting needles were clicking away making progress on the black knitted hat! Are you working on projects for the holidays?

Enjoy the season!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Cookies

At special times of the year do you bring out the Colored Sugars, a Rolling Pin and many cookie cutters? While glancing through pages in magazines or while watching food shows on t.v. you may get the urge to roll out, decorate and bake cookies.

For about three decades I have been making Sour Cream Sugar Cookies. Goodness, it has been that long! (Click here for printable recipe card.) These cookies are made in two steps. The result is an absolutely delicious, soft, cutout cookie with a hint of Nutmeg.

The dough for these Sugar Cookies is prepared on Day 1. After making the dough wrap it in plastic wrap and then in foil. Place the wrapped dough in the fridge. The next day – Day 2 - the dough is rolled out. Using your Rolling Pin and favorite cookie cutters a batch of delicious homemade holiday cookies will be ready!

After you bake these yummy Nutmeg flavored cookies, they can be cooled and placed in your freezer. When the holiday arrives defrost them. Your family and friends will enjoy eating these scrumptious treats. With Christmas just around the corner, I need to get busy and bake a batch this week! After we eat a few, most of them will be located in my freezer until Christmas arrives.

Do you bake special cookies for the holidays? What cookies do you traditionally bake?

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies are my family’s favorite Sugar Cookie. It is difficult to eat just one!