Friday, February 11, 2022

Super Bowl Chili

Super Bowl Chili
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Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend! Every year on that special Sunday we enjoy Chili for dinner! Delicious, hot, flavorful Chili!  Definitely it's served with a dollop of Sour Cream on top.  The Sour Cream is stirred in just before enjoying that first spoonful of this yummy meal.  Cannot forget a slice of Rye or Oatmeal bread for dunking into the tasty tomato sauce.  It's all part of the enjoyment of eating Chili! 

This is a very easy dinner to prep in a Slow Cooker or in a Crock Pot.  I have a Slow Cooker that comes in so handy any season during the year.  My Slow Cooker has a non stick pot, BUT I have learned that meats/ poultry can overcook/ burn on the very bottom.  For that reason I place the Green Pepper that has been cut into chunks on the pot's bottom. 

Sometimes, I prepare Chili using ground beef and at other times I use ground turkey.  I do not notice any difference in the Chili's taste when using either.  It's spicy, so either works.  Lately, I've been using the ground beef, because the date on the ground beef package (when we purchase it) is better.  Grocery shopping has definitely changed for us during this pandemic.  I plan for more than a week's meals when writing out the grocery list.      

Yesterday, I made a batch of my Chili.  It was so good!  I have also learned that Chili freezes very well!  The extra portions were placed in freezer containers and into the freezer they went.  You guessed it!  On Saturday, which is tomorrow, I will place a large container of my Chili in the fridge to begin defrosting overnight.  On Sunday it will be reheated for dinner.  It's really great to have Sunday's dinner in the freezer!  Yes, we do have the Sour Cream and Oatmeal bread, too.

For my Chili recipe click on this link for the Ingredients and the Directions that I wrote in a previous post.  Then, add the ingredients for Chili to your grocery list.  Sour Cream and Rye or Oatmeal Bread, too!   Prepare a batch of Chili for Super Bowl Sunday!