Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Cookies

At special times of the year do you bring out the Colored Sugars, a Rolling Pin and many cookie cutters? While glancing through pages in magazines or while watching food shows on t.v. you may get the urge to roll out, decorate and bake cookies.

For about three decades I have been making Sour Cream Sugar Cookies. Goodness, it has been that long! (Click here for printable recipe card.) These cookies are made in two steps. The result is an absolutely delicious, soft, cutout cookie with a hint of Nutmeg.

The dough for these Sugar Cookies is prepared on Day 1. After making the dough wrap it in plastic wrap and then in foil. Place the wrapped dough in the fridge. The next day – Day 2 - the dough is rolled out. Using your Rolling Pin and favorite cookie cutters a batch of delicious homemade holiday cookies will be ready!

After you bake these yummy Nutmeg flavored cookies, they can be cooled and placed in your freezer. When the holiday arrives defrost them. Your family and friends will enjoy eating these scrumptious treats. With Christmas just around the corner, I need to get busy and bake a batch this week! After we eat a few, most of them will be located in my freezer until Christmas arrives.

Do you bake special cookies for the holidays? What cookies do you traditionally bake?

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies are my family’s favorite Sugar Cookie. It is difficult to eat just one!



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We try not to bake with a lot of sugar but we do have some colored sugar and I think we may need to make some cookies this holiday season! I'll try this recipe! Thanks! And happy holidays, sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

I usually make two or three different kinds alternating each year. I have never had sour cream sugar cookies. I might just give these a try. Thanks

Lila Rostenberg said...

These sound lovely! I have several cookie exchanges coming up so I may get out my cookie cutters!

Arlette said...

Thank you for the recipe. I'm always looking for a good sugar cookie recipe.