Sunday, February 17, 2008

Creamy Cranberry Oatmeal

A bowl of hot Creamy Cranberry Oatmeal tastes delicious on a cold morning. Yes, I use the old fashioned oats when I cook. Using the recipe on the oat container, place the required amounts of “old fashioned oats”, milk (rather than water), “apple juice cranberries”, cinnamon, and brown sugar in a pot and let sit for 10 minutes before preparing on the stove. Then, I usually set the timer for 8 minutes and start cooking and stirring. By following this method I have learned that the oatmeal is creamy after it is cooked. In my refrigerator a 1 cup Ziploc container containing dried cranberries soaking in apple juice and another container of apple juice raisins will be found. This is a delicious breakfast!

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