Friday, November 21, 2008

Raisin Rice Krispies Bars

Whenever these easy and quick to make favorites are found in our fridge, they disappear swiftly. Raisins are a great addition to a Rice Krispies Bar! It’s all about the raisins! Over the years I have learned that doing a little prep work before starting to make the Raisin Rice Krispies Bars is very useful.

I use a glass baking dish (about 9” x 15”) and spray it lightly with PAM. Wipe off the excess PAM with a paper towel. The required ingredients need to be ready to use. Making Raisin Rice Krispies Bars requires working quickly.

After measuring out all of the ingredients and before lightly pressing the mixture in the glass dish with the bottom of the measuring cup, place a pinch of margarine on the underside (bottom) of the measuring cup. Spread it lightly with a paper towel or piece of crumpled wax paper. This allows for easy non-stick pressing of the mixture in the baking dish.


1. In a 6 qt. pot (large pot) melt 4 TBS. Margarine over Low Heat.
2. Add in 4 Cups Miniature Marshmallows stirring until melted.
3. Turn off heat.
4. Add in 3 Cups Rice Krispies Cereal and stir.
5. 1 Cup Raisins are added.
6. Then, add 2 ½ Cups more Rice Krispies Cereal and stir.
7. Place mixture (will be sticky) in the baking dish and press lightly.
8. Cover top of baking dish with Glad Wrap and refrigerate for an hour.
9. Cut into bars and place in a covered container to store in fridge.

Yummy!! It is all about the raisins!! :-)

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