Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spice Facts

So often when I am baking the aromas of Cinnamon and of Nutmeg float from my kitchen to the other rooms in my home.  In desserts or in warm cereals when the weather is chilly, these are two of the spices that I often use.  Now, my Spice Rack contains mostly McCormick containers of savory fragrant useful baking ingredients.

History and facts are two fascinating areas for me.  This past weekend I stopped in and browsed through McCormick's website.  With a click here and a click there I learned more about the spices that I have been using for many years.  :)

On the back of my kitchen door hangs a double sided Durkee laminated chart that has always given me quick info about what herbs and spices would work well with various foods.

The printed charts are no longer mailed as incentives to cooks.  Mine is still used and is probably 30+ years young.  It's been a part of my kitchen for a loong time.  However, it's great to visit a website with the History & Facts!   

Now, I'd best get back to the K2, P2 ribbed hat that I've started knitting - for a gift.  Tomorrow the oven will be heated.  :)


Carol said...

Those are the two I use most as well! Although cumin comes pretty close! Neat poster!

Rita said...

Thank you for this informative post. I have to say I love McCormick site; time I go for a visit.

Ann said...

Your spice rack is so organized! i'm inspired.

Sandra said...

What a wonderful idea... to post all the information about spices on one handy page! The McCormick website was very informative. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Bergfeld said...

Most of us use those two spices a lot. I really appreciated the information you made available to us. I hope you are have a great day. Blessings...Mary

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

My hubby loves spices! He buys some of them from specialty shops and uses them in everything he cooks! I know I'm lucky....he made lasagna tonight! ♥