Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dramatic Change

Last Wednesday about 3 hours after I wrote my last blog post a very dramatic and tragic change occurred in my area.  A tornado started in Westfield, MA and intensified as it hit West Springfield. Then, it passed over the Connecticut River and hit Springfield and kept going.  It traveled for 39 miles. A total of 3 tornadoes passed through this area - the other 2 were weaker. 

Springfield, MA borders my town of Longmeadow on the north.  My husband & I drive many times through the South End of Springfield into Downtown.  The EF3 tornado hit this area - causing devastation - and then continued onward causing additional destruction through many more neighborhoods of Springfield and to other towns in its path.  

The South End of Springfield is about 2 miles from my home and about 10 minutes driving distance.  We residents of Longmeadow did not see the wrath of the EF3 tornado on our homes or property.  Many families lost their homes and apartments.  Buildings were destroyed.  Four people lost their lives.  Schools will re-open tomorrow.  

Below is a video from the American Red Cross that provides just a glimpse of what happened last week...

The American Red Cross is an organization that is aiding the residents of Springfield, West Springfield, Monson and other towns that were affected.  Last week my husband & I made a contribution to help our neighbors.  If you would also like to make a donation to the American Red Cross to help in this crisis in Western MA, it would be greatly appreciated by the residents of Western MA. 



Stacey said...

I am so sorry. Unfortunately tornadoes are one aspect of Oklahoma that we are very familiar with. They happen every spring here. I'll say a prayer for the people who were affected.

Pam said...

I'm glad you are safe and my heart goes out to all who were affected. I know what's that is all about as we had that devastating one go through Louisville in '74. I have an award for you on my blog today.

Rita said...

Just horrible what is happening this year. I have family in that area and they are also fine. Take care.

Barbara Bakes said...

What a horrible, traumatic event. I'm so glad you are safe and sound.

JG said...

Thank you for all of your words and acts of kindness here and in e-mails. Recovery in Western MA will happen.

We New Englanders always know that when we blink our eyes, our weather can change. However, we do not usually witness the devastating changes that tornadoes can cause in our populated cities and towns as they move on their long destructive paths.