Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This is a great time of year...the month of September!  Not only are the juicy fresh Grapes from CA available in our supermarkets, but the luscious large local Peaches can be easily located/purchased at Farmers' Markets and at road side stands.  It took three days for the four hard Peaches to ripen after I purchased them.  I placed them in a brown paper lunch bag, closed the top and placed the bag on my counter. 

This is one week when Peaches will not be used to make a dessert.  A fruit salad containing this fresh juicy fruit is just the best!  Add in a few slices of just right ripened Banana and a few Grapes and a tasty sweet fruit salad awaits!

In the cold winter months I'll think back to the fresh fruit salads that contained no canned (in their juice) fruit.  I'll also remember the beautiful Zinnias that grew in our gardens this summer.  Soon, it'll be time to save/ dry and then store the Zinnia seeds to plant next spring!



Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook said...

I can't believe it September already! I am looking forward to the grapes and peaches, but sorry to see the summer bounty go.

JG said...

Carol- Fresh local fruit is so good. Today, Thursday, the Farmers' Market was ready for business, again. I have 5 more gigantic Peaches sitting in paper lunch bags ready to ripen on my counter.