Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saving the Seeds

Dried rust, golden, and red colored leaves were bouncing on the pavement as they blew down the street two days ago.  The sun was shining on a beautiful fall day!  As I enjoyed listening to the leaves I remembered the Zinnia seeds that were drying on our Family Room window sill.  All summer we and our neighbors have enjoyed our ever blooming Zinnias.  Shades of orangeyellow and red blossoms were constantly opening!  This year I purchased packaged seeds that would grow in three different heights.  The blossoms were also different.
Zinnias with pink Impatiens
Some looked like cone flowers.  In the autumn I save some of the dry flowers in order to further dry out and store the seeds.  My plan worked well two weeks ago.  I harvested my bounty one afternoon and we had a "hard frost" that night!  
Currently, there are 3 lunch sized paper bags on my window sill that contain the seeds that are drying. 
Tear shaped Zinnia seeds attached to petals
The seeds are tear shaped and still attached to the dried colored petals of the previously colorful flowers.
In a couple of weeks the dried seeds will be packaged in envelopes - and labelled according to height.  They'll be ready to plant next spring.
Not only do I have plans for next year's gardens, today I learned how to add arrows using Photoshop!  WooHoo!
Do you harvest seeds to plant the next year?

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