Friday, August 30, 2013

~The Liberty Bell~

Whenever I place a forever stamp with the image of the Liberty Bell on a letter or card before being mailed, I've often thought how neat it would be to admire this bell while standing in front of it.  The image of our country's bell also fleets through my mind whenever I think of America's Independence.  Living in MA my state's and Boston's colonial history is recalled quickly.  However, the colonial history of PA and of Philadelphia is not as well known to me.

This past weekend that all changed!  While driving down to attend a beautiful wedding on the Jersey Shore, we stopped in Philadelphia to visit Independence National Historic Park.

In 1 day we learned so much!  A park map was available at the Independence Visitors Center.  At this location we also received the free timed tickets needed to enter Independence HallThe Liberty Bell Center was our next stop!  Inside, the self guided tour allowed us to read the history of the Liberty Bell.

There was a great deal of fascinating history! 

The Park Rangers at this National Park are very eager to share their wealth of info about colonial Philadelphia and its role in our country's history.  The tours of Independence Hall and of Congress Hall are great!

This was our opportunity to view the Liberty Bell and learn its history along with more history of our country.  And that we did! 

Have you visited this historic area of Philadelphia?  It's great!  We are very happy we included it on our trip down!  The wedding?  The happy newlyweds had a beautiful wedding!   Yes, yummy food was enjoyed, but that topic is for other posts.  :)


Pam said...

That was surely a highlight of your trip! I'd love to see the Liberty Bell and all. Bill saw it and touched it right before they banned touching it. So much history in that part of the country to learn and enjoy. It sounds like you had a good time at the wedding also. Looking forward to your future posts and have a good weekend!

JG said...

Pam- Having the opportunity to view the Liberty Bell and also to attend a beautiful wedding was just the BEST! Considering learning history was a last minute decision for us. :)