Friday, March 21, 2014

Cole Slaw with Raisins

Cole Slaw with Raisins
Cabbage!  Carrots!  Raisins!  Each is tasty & nutritious by itself.  Put them together, add a few other ingredients & an easy salad can be enjoyed at dinner!  Cole Slaw with Raisins is so yummy!

Many years ago, my mother-in-law gave me her delicious, tangy Cole Slaw dressing recipe.  In the past I've purchased the cabbage & the carrots to peel/ shred, but these days a bag of these ready shredded veggies makes this side dish very easy to prep.

If you're waiting for the warmer days when the local salad ingredients will be available at roadside stands to be purchased, but still enjoy fresh salads, make this Cole Slaw.  It's great!  Add the raisins for that extra sweetness.

This dressing also tastes great in Carrot Salad.

Cole Slaw with Raisins

1  bag shredded Cabbage & Carrots (16 ounce)
1/2 Cup Raisins
*  *  *  *
Dressing Ingredients:
6 Tablespoons Mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1/2 Cup Milk (I use Soy Milk.)
1/2 Cup Vinegar (I use Cider Vinegar.)

  1. In a large bowl combine Mayonnaise and Sugar.
  2. Add Milk & Vinegar and stir well.
  3. Add shredded Cabbage & Carrots to mixture, stir.
  4. Add Raisins.
  5. Stir well, cover & refrigerate.
  6. After 2- 3 hours, stir again & refrigerate.
  7. Repeat again in 2- 3 hours.
  8. Before serving, stir again.
This is a delicious easy to prepare side dish when serving seafood or any entree that has been prepared on the outdoor grill!

Spring is here!!!  Woohoo!!!



Stacey said...

Sounds delicious! We don't usually eat sugar in our cole slaw so I might leave that out but the raisins added in sound yummy.

JG said...

Stacey- The Raisins do add sweetness. We like the sweet/ sour combo. :)