Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Mass Moments" - January 23, 1800

Map made of multicolored slate from NY
located in Stanley Park, Westfield, MA

Do you enjoy learning a little history?  I do.  Reading interesting historical facts about the state that I live in is fascinating to me.  We all think about Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day & also when we read about the founding fathers of our country.  The cranberry bogs on the Cape (Cape Cod) & Dr. Seuss (born in Springfield, MA) along with the Basketball Hall of Fame (Springfield, MA) all have connections to Massachusetts.  Oh, there is so much more! 

If you enjoy small doses of history at a time there's a great website that publishes a short story every day.  The website's name is Mass Moments.  Yes, Mass Moments publishes history facts about Massachusetts.  Every day the featured fact is an event that took place on the same date & month that you are reading it, but the event took place in a previous year!  Some are hundreds of years ago.  What a great way to learn a little history!

"Indian Boys arrive in Longmeadow" took place on January 23, 1800.  This story is definitely interesting to me!  The raid on Deerfield, MA in 1704.  Stephen Williams & his family!  Colonial history!  Scrolling down to the credits I recognized the name John Demos.  (The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America, by John Demos)  I had the privilege of listening to his fascinating lecture at the Longmeadow Historical Society's annual meeting this past October.

Mass Moments is a great site with snippets of Massachusetts history- every day.  If you enjoy reading history, click on this site!  It's great!


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