Sunday, August 23, 2015

Peach Freezer Jam

Place lids on top & label/ date the Peach Freezer Jam.
Sits on my table for 24 hours & then into the freezer!
Local fresh Peaches!  Yum!  Last Thursday at our Farmers' Market it did not take me long to spot the display of this delicious fruit.  I was on a mission.  5 or 6 of the Peaches would be needed to prep 1 batch of Peach Freezer Jam this week.  The other ingredients were in my pantry- just waiting for Peach Season!  This variety of Freezer Jam takes a bit more effort, but boy is it worth it.  In the middle of winter Jim will spread some on an English Muffin & I'll hear the comment, "This is my favorite flavor!"  Now, with an endorsement like that how can I pass on making this variety?  Truth is, I cannot.  So I purchased many Peaches- we'd also enjoy eating this juicy yummy fruit.  The Peaches I selected were all firm, so they would all ripen at once.

***An easy method to ripen them is to place 3- 4 Peaches (stem side down) in a brown paper lunch bag.  Close the top & leave on your kitchen counter for 1- 2 days.  Then check to see if the Peaches are ripe.  If not, close bag & check the next day.  After ripening, refrigerate.

Peaches ripening on counter.

Today was Peach Freezer Jam Day!  The Certo (liquid fruit pectin), Sugar & Lemon Juice were located.  My supply of 1 Cup Ziploc Freezer Containers were all purchased this past spring.  That was when I learned that my treasured 8 oz. containers were no longer manufactured.  It was time to stock up!  I had my Freezer Jams to make!

Following directions exactly are a must when making Freezer Jams.  As many times as I've made them over the past 30 years, I always reread the directions that are located in each Certo box.  I also reread my Cooking Hints (to read click here).  I always prepare 1 extra Peach, because it may be used.  Depends on size of Peaches.

Now, all 9 covered/ labeled/ dated containers are sitting undisturbed on my table- doing their thing for 24 hours.  Tomorrow at 5 PM the Peach Freezer Jam will find its spot on the top shelf of our freezer downstairs next to the Strawberry & Blueberry Jams!  :)

Do you make Freezer Jams?  You'd enjoy the taste!  


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