Saturday, June 23, 2018

Strawberry Freezer Jam

~Strawberry Freezer Jam~
Sweet juicy local Strawberries are just the best!  They also make a wonderful flavorful jam!  For a few decades now, I've been preparing Freezer Jams when the fresh local fruit is available.  This week 3 batches of Strawberry Freezer Jam found its spot on our dining room table to "do its thing" for the required 24 hour period.  My kitchen had this production line set up.  The strawberries had already been prepared. 

My fave containers to use are the Ziploc 1 cup containers.  The circular ones that Ziploc no longer sells.  So, during the year after we've enjoy a container of jam, each container is carefully washed/ dried & stored away for future Freezer Jams.

One day this week was Strawberry Freezer Jam Day!  The strawberries, sugar, Certo (liquid pectin) and Lemon Juice were placed on the counter- ready to use.  The Directions are located inside each box of Certo.

While preparing this Jam follow directions exactly!  I always reread the Directions and also reread my Helpful Hints.  One batch is prepared at a time!

We had been enjoying the very last container of Freezer Jam- Peach - that was prepared last year.  What great timing for our local strawberry season!  Now, our freezer has a new supply.

Do you prepare Freezer Jams?
They are so much tastier than the commercial brands of jams!


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