Sunday, November 22, 2020

~Cranberry Bread~

Cranberry Bread
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Cranberry Bread
is so delicious!!!  In grocery stores we can easily locate bags of fresh cranberries, now.  Those maroon colored berries that seem to roll all over the kitchen counter if you are not careful when tearing open their plastic bag.  Yes, I have had the experience of quickly giving a tug and many of the berries have bounced out and rolled moving very quickly.  Now, I am more careful and I cut the bag open with scissors.

I have been baking this Cranberry Bread for so many years.  One of my sons brought the recipe home from school.  That does seem like an unusual source, but he had the recipe and wanted us to bake it.  We did just that.  The Cranberry Bread was so yummy, it is the only Cranberry Bread I have baked since then.  It came from a children's book that his school librarian had read to his class.  Then, the book was out of print.  Well, the book was printed again and I now have a copy!   

To learn more of the story and get the recipe, click here.  

This bread does not freeze well, so I suggest you bake it a day or two in advance of when you will be planning to serve it.  When you bake it one day and then slice it the next day and serve it, the flavors blend so well.

We will be enjoying this Cranberry Bread over the Thanksgiving Day weekend!  Will you be baking one, too?



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