Thursday, December 17, 2020

Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies
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It's the time of year to find your cookie cutters and rolling pin!  Colored sugar sprinkles are needed, too!  Add unsalted  Butter and Sour Cream to your grocery list.  It's time to bake a batch of the Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies!  I'm talking about cookies that are usually baked for special occasions.  It's not that they cannot be enjoyed at other times of the year, but they are so good that we always enjoy them at Christmas.

After taking a bite of this cookie, suddenly a hint of Nutmeg is recognized.  That spice gives these cookies a special flavor along with Sour Cream and unsalted Butter. 

***I always use (unsalted) Butter in this cookie batter.  If you use Margarine, the dough is difficult to roll out.***          
These cookies are made in 2 steps: 

    On Day 1 the dough is made, wrapped and refrigerated.

    On Day 2 it's time to use your rolling pin, cookie cutters and colored sprinkles.

The weekend is a great time to bake these, because we all know that when you roll out dough and you also use cookie cutters it takes a little more time than just dropping a spoonful of dough on a baking pan/ sheet.  But, it is a special occasion and these cookies are really good!  They are the best Sugar Cookie I've ever tasted!

Making the Cookies!
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After baking the cookies and they have cooled, I freeze them in Ziploc Freezer Bags.  Oh, that is not to say that there is not sampling going on.  Of course there has to be a taste test

The only time I can remember being limited on the amount of cookies used in the taste test was when I baked them for our younger son's and DIL's Welcome Bags for their wedding guests.  Four batches of hearts and bells were prepared and baked.  We needed 250 cookies.  They were packaged and frozen.  Two days before they were needed, they were defrosted and packaged to be included in their guests' Welcome Bags.

This year I have not been in a rush to bake them, because we will be celebrating a "Zoom" Christmas.  It has been challenging enough sending/ mailing gifts.  I'll wait on mailing special cookies to our family.  The cookies will be waiting in our freezer for a future time.  Did you notice the (File Photo)?  :)  However, this weekend I will be baking them! 

Plan on baking a batch, too!  Click here for the complete recipe and directions!  It is worth the click.  Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies are so delicious!  Remember to add Sour Cream and unsalted Butter to your grocery list this week!  Colored sprinkles, too, if you do not have any in your pantry.



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