Monday, August 2, 2021

Blueberry Season

~Local Fresh Blueberries~

It's been that time of year! Time to purchase the local fresh Blueberries!  One morning about a week ago my tradition continued.  

The tradition is freezing Blueberries and Blueberry Freezer Jam!  I wrote the linked highlighted Post exactly two years ago.   

The fresh local blueberries were purchased and in the afternoon they were prepped for our freezer.  Yes, some were saved for munching, for the Jam and also for Blueberry Pancakes!  There was even some to add to cereal to enjoy at breakfast.  Yum and double yum!!

I did write the words "about a week ago".  This past year+ I have been cooking/ baking a lot!  Like so many of you have been.  Well, that led to me not blogging as much.        

Last year I did not prepare the Freezer Jams.  There were some containers left from the previous year and they tasted delicious!  However, this year they are finding their place in our freezer.  If blueberries grow in your area have you purchased them to freeze?  Or to prepare Freezer Jam?  They are so delicious! 


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