Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~Sausage Soup~

Sausage Soup Simmering - Mmm!
This afternoon a steady rain is falling.  It's the perfect kind of day to enjoy a large bowl of hot hearty colorful soup filled with veggies at dinner.  Tonight, it's Sausage Soup for us.  Two days ago my large Revereware covered pot was put to use.  A batch of this delicious soup simmered along.  We sure did enjoy it for dinner that evening!  After our evening meal and the soup had cooled four labelled portions were placed in Ziploc Freezer containers and two portions were saved to enjoy again a bit later in the week. 

It's just the best to have a hearty soup ready to defrost waiting in the freezer!  Yes, Bertucci's does offer this soup on its menu, but I find their soup consists mostly of broth.  Nothing beats a hearty Sausage Soup.  And the cook controls the salt content!

Now, whenever I make this, I add about 12 oz. of defrosted Green Beans.  Green Beans are a fave in my fam, so I add them in whenever and in whatever meal I can.

Sausage Soup


1 lb. Italian Sweet Sausage - removed from casings
4 cans (14.5 oz. each) College Inn Light & Fat Free Chicken Broth
1 can (14 - 20 oz.) Diced or Whole Tomatoes, drained
1 box chopped frozen Spinach, thawed
1 Cup White Rice, uncooked
1 lb. Baby Carrots (rinsed)
1/4 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
1 pkg. (10 - 14 oz.) defrosted Green Beans - optional

  1. Remove Sausage from casings and brown in skillet.
  2. Break Sausage into pieces while it is browning.
  3. Place all remaining ingredients into large pot or Dutch Oven.
  4. Add browned Sausage.
  5. Bring all ingredients to a simmer.
  6. Simmer about 45-60 minutes until Rice has cooked.
*Extra portions can be placed in the fridge or stored in the freezer.  This makes one delicious meal on a very busy evening.  It's always a welcome sight to find a container in my freezer. 

*When reheating, a 14.5 oz. can of College Inn Light & Fat Free Chicken Broth is added to the defrosted contents while the soup reheats on my stove.  The Rice has absorbed the liquid.

*Update: Our neighborhood is lookin' good after this welcome sight yesterday!

Thank you, FEMA!
Sausage Soup makes a very tasty meal on a very busy night, like tonight!  

Do you also Enjoy it?!


Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

Glad your neighborhood is getting back to normal :) The soup looks delicious and perfect for the cooler weather!

Rita said...

You are so smart using a videao for that great soup; I am impressed. So happy you are getting back to normal; my sister in law is also living this but doing good.

Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

What a delicious, stick-to-the-ribs soup for these cold, rainy days. So happy to read that your neighborhood is returning to normal.

Anonymous said...

This looks very delicious indeed! I also love soup. Your right, you had the perfect day for a bowl or two. I like how you freeze your food and have it available when you are in the mood. We have been painting our house but I'm seriously going to look into a freezer when we are done.

JG said...

Carol- Neighborhood looks SO much better! Soup's in the freezer, too. :)

Rita- Thanks! Glad your SIL is also doing well, now. Pretty scary at the time!

Cathy- This is definitely one of our fave soups. Many people working very hard in my town, Western MA & CT.

Carol- A freezer is great, especially on busy days!