Thursday, August 23, 2012


Beginning last weekend our weather has been ideal!  Spending time outside is just the best!  Any time I am driving/walking back home or just walking around our yard the brightly colored Zinnias that are surrounded by other flowers...are blossoming!  The Zinnias were started from seed, again this spring - three different sizes.  However, this year new seeds were purchased. 

An added plus to their presence is that the Monarch Butterflies are attracted to these gorgeous flowers on any side of our yard.
Close up!
Again this year (as in the past) during the fall season, I'll save the Zinnia seeds, dry and store them to plant next spring.
That is one great tradition that I always...
UPDATE:  8/28/12 
The Butterflies that enjoy our Zinnias are Painted Lady Butterflies, not Monarch Butterflies.  See Post "The Painted Lady" on August 28, 2012.


Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook said...

Beautiful flowers, Judy. I love all the colors, so pretty. Zinnia's are a favorite.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They really filled your flower bed! I love the cone flowers mixed in, too! Hugs!

JG said...

Carol- Zinnias are a fave of mine, too. This year I planted purchased seeds that each grew to a different size. Fits well for elevated gardens. The mid sized look more like colored Daisies than Zinnias.

~Lavender Dreamer- No need to thin out the growing plants. Mother Nature took care of that task for me. :)