Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Journey of the Pilgrims

The Cape...Cape Cod in MA... is a wonderful place to visit, especially during the warmer months.  In the small towns a bit of History can always be learned!  In the town of Chatham, the Chatham Lighthouse is definitely a "must stop and see again" whenever we are at the Cape.  The Lighthouse overlooks Chatham Bar and is now a home to a Coast Guard Small Boat Station.  The Coast Guard Station aids boaters and fishing boats whenever emergencies arise.
There is a wonderful bit of History to learn while enjoying the salty air in this scenic area.  What better time to share it with you than now, during Thanksgiving

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I've posted a photo of the plaque I enjoy reading at this area.  I've also posted the individual sections.  Click on each individual section and the story of the Pilgrims journey to the New World is easy to read.

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Learning while having FuN is the best way to learn!



Rita said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you JG! Enjoy reading your post.

JG said...

Rita- Thanks! :)