Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Banana Nutmeg Cream of Wheat

Open those curtains and let the sun shine in!  The remaining snow has melted and we are on our way to Spring!  O.K., maybe I'm a little too enthusiastic... our temps were in the low 60°F range on Monday...however, it's chilly today!  Banana Nutmeg flavored Cream of Wheat did taste so good at breakfast this AM!  A hot cereal on a cold Spring day!  Probably of most importance to me is the daily Banana (containing Potassium) is already checked off my "should eat" list for the day.  Woohoo!

This fruit still remains on my least favorite food list.  However, I've learned it does compliment other foods quite nicely.  In this case, slices of banana added to the sauce pot while the cereal is cooking does add a great flavor.  Usually, I add Cinnamon to the Soy Milk, Cream of Wheat Cereal, sliced Banana mixture.  This AM I learned that Nutmeg gives this bland hot cereal a little zing.  Nice!  It may be a mild tasting cereal on its own, but adding sliced banana & Nutmeg to the pot = Yum!


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