Thursday, December 5, 2013

Time for Take Out!

African Violet blossoming! Woohoo!
Last night we had Take Out!  It was a day filled with "catching up" after the FuN & the visiting during Thanksgiving Weekend.  Time has just sped on by me!  A trip to Costco, to the grocery store and other little side trips.  Those things do happen.  So, when dinner time rolled around, the easiest solution was definitely take out.

Take out of the freezer and defrost, that is!  :)  A meal containing Turkey sounded so good and there were 2 Ziploc Freezer containers of Turkey a la King just waiting.  It was the day to remove one container from the second shelf.  Turkey a la King freezes very well!  Every year, without fail - on the third day after Thanksgiving Day, I cut the remaining slices & pieces of turkey into smaller bites to use while making a double or triple batch of Turkey a la King.  

I use my Chicken a la King recipe - replacing the cooked Chicken with roasted Turkey.  Click here for recipe.  It's always best to remember the "food safety rule" of enjoying the delicious freshly roasted Turkey entree and then eating the remaining pieces of Turkey within 2 - 3 days after roasting.  

Sure, Turkey Pot Pies can be made & enjoyed, but easy works so well for me, especially after a family holiday.  The mix of veggies & Turkey in a thick white sauce served over toasted bread is so yummy!  No need for any fuss of any kind.

(Turkey a la King -  File Photo)
After dinner the remaining portions are cooled and placed in Ziploc 2 Cup Freezer containers.  Label & date and into my large freezer they go.

On a busy night, defrost & heat.  If using a covered vented sauce pot, heat on Low heat on the stove (with a little extra milk added).  Stir while defrosting/ heating.  Serve over toasted bread.

**This is a great time of year to purchase the Ziploc Freezer containers on specials at the grocery stores.  They are very handy!   


Pam said...

Lol, Judy! Love your idea of "take out," it gave me a chuckle!!! It looks really good to me! Kind of funny as we had turkey a la King last night also. Easy easy and good on a cold winter night like this.

JG said...

Pam- There are a couple more "take outs" in the freezer. :) You're giving me a heads up on the chill coming this way.