Friday, October 10, 2014

~Summit House on Mt. Holyoke~

Admiring the CT River that flows through the Pioneer Valley
from the Summit House porch
Autumn!  The season when leaves change color from green to vibrant shades of yellow, orange & red!  Before they make their way to the ground it's such a treat to stop to admire them.   It's a beautiful time of year!  This is also the time for me to save seeds from my annuals & divide/ transplant bulbs.  There are many outside tasks, but enjoying the beauty that Mother Nature is sharing with us is an added plus.

Yesterday, my DH & I drove north to Hadley, MA.  Our destination was the Summit House on top of Mt. Holyoke.  On the winding road up the mountain we drove past some hikers.  The view from the parking lot at the summit was a tease of what awaited us.  Climbing up the ramp/ then stairs, gorgeous views were in all directions!  Walking around the "wrap around" porch of the newly renovated Summit House was definitely a treat!  We live in a beautiful area of Western MA!  Looking north my hometown of Amherst & also VT was visible.  Looking south in the distance we viewed the Springfield, MA/ Hartford, CT area!

Zooming in Looking North
The Summit House has a long history.  During the second half of the 1800's it was a hotel located on the top of Mt. Holyoke.  To learn about its fascinating history, click here.

For us, yesterday was the perfect opportunity to visit!  This is Columbus Day weekend!  Our New England scenery is beautiful.  Anyone interested in visiting this wonderful location, click on the "Plan Your Visit" info here.  Before leaving home, we did call the listed phone number for updated detailed info.     

Terrain near the Summit House
with my shadow

What a great opportunity to view our CT River Valley & learn a little history!

We did Enjoy!


Stacey said...

How beautiful!

JG said...

Stacey- Very picturesque! The road leading up is winding, curving & steep. We were happy we did not meet many cars coming in the opposite direction while driving. :)


Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

What a beautiful day for an outing, JG. Fall is my favorite time of year around here too. Nights are cold but it warms up around midday. Have a good weekend.

JG said...

Cathy- Fall in New England is my fave time of year!!! :)