Monday, February 13, 2017

"The Marriage License"

"The Marriage License"
at the Norman Rockwell Museum
It's a nice little road trip from our home to the Norman Rockwell Museum that's located in Stockbridge, MA.  Traveling west on the Mass Pike (I90) brings us into the Berkshires (Berkshire County).  With each visit to this fave place it's great to learn a little more about a well known American artist & his beautiful works!

"The Marriage License" is another beautiful painting in the museum's collection!  This was the cover for The Saturday Evening Post on June 11, 1955.  An excited young couple is happily filling out the paperwork for their marriage license.  In contrast, the Town Clerk is patiently waiting, looking off into the distance preoccupied with his thoughts.  The room has dark wood & objects while the young woman's yellow dress & the light coming in from the window lets us look into this room more easily.

This work is a favorite with many married/ engaged couples.  Many have their photo taken in front of it during their anniversary month.  Like we did this past July on our anniversary!

An Anniversary Photo

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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