Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blueberry Torte

Blueberry Torte
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Decisions, decisions, decisions! There are so many yummy desserts that can be baked to enjoy after a delicious Easter Dinner.  What would be the choice??  Last night the vote was cast!  Blueberry Torte!  A slice of Blueberry Torte served with vanilla ice cream.  That led to a package of frozen local blueberries from our large freezer to be placed in the fridge to defrost overnight.

A slice will be served with vanilla ice cream
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This dessert is always so good.  A light cinnamon flavored cake filled with blueberries.  It taste delicious any time of year.  Did I mention that this dessert is easy to prepare?  It is.

I use 1 Whole Egg + Egg Whites along with Soy Milk when preparing the cake batter.

Click here for my recipe!

The afternoon is moving along and I need to get started!  Now, it's time for me to pull up my recipe on my iPad and get started.


Happy Easter!!!


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