Thursday, July 5, 2018

~View of Flowers~

Oh, has it been hot!!  Walking outside reminds me of entering a greenhouse in the late spring.  The warm moisty air always seems to c-l-i-n-g.  No, I do not make a habit of walking into greenhouses.  Well, this hot moisty air has been enjoyed by the annuals and perennials that always add color to our yard!

Colorful Petunias!

The bright lavender Petunias are bursting with color!!

Budding Zinnias

The Zinnia seeds sprouted.  Before we knew it, many sets of leaves were visible.  Now, the buds are forming!

Front Garden
The Daylilies are beginning to blossom!  First, there were three.  Next there were four!  Tomorrow there will be so many more!!

The summer flowers are enjoying this 6 day heat wave!  The weekend looks cooler!!

Enjoying the view!

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