Monday, April 20, 2020


Sometimes, you need to work with the ingredients at hand!  Like these days when a quick trip to the grocery store is just not in the cards... whenever.  Planning ahead and purchasing needed groceries for 8- 10 days is a new norm for us.  It is working, though.  Sometimes, an ingredient is not in the fridge, so it is just skipped or substituted.  That was the case with Friday night's dinner. 

Chili "did its thing" in my Slow Cooker.  It cooked itself!  The ingredients were in the cooking pot simmering.  Usually, I use Ground Turkey when making Chili, but we enjoyed it with Ground Beef.  There was no Green Pepper to be found in my fridge, so half of the Diced Tomatoes were placed in the Slow Cooker's pot, first.  Then, the browned Ground Beef was added in.

Chili is so delicious any time of year with Ground Turkey or Ground Beef.  After dinner the extra portions were placed in a freezer container ready to be defrosted/ enjoyed at a later date.  It is so easy to prepare in a Slow Cooker! 

My complete Directions for Chili are here!    

There were a couple of changes when preparing it, but two things did not change.  We had the rye bread. We also added a dollop of Sour Cream on top of our serving of Chili.  It was so good!


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