Friday, May 1, 2020

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas
These days living our daily lives dealing with COVID- 19, grocery shopping has become a planned activity.  There's no more making a short list and popping in to your favorite grocery store.  It's much easier to purchase ingredients that will be used in meals that we can enjoy for 8- 10 days.  The pound of Haddock that's purchased is prepared and enjoyed that night, like usual.  However, there are no longer 3 items on our grocery list.  It has become a larger list!  So, a slightly larger amount of chicken can be purchased, then grilled or baked.  There are easy meals to prepare and to enjoy with those extra slices of chicken the next night.  I talking Chicken Enchiladas!  Packaged Tortillas and Salsa need to be added to your grocery list if you are planning on enjoying this dinner one night, soon!

It's easy to prepare because the chicken has already been cooked!  The extra slices are cut into small pieces and mixed with sour cream, shredded cheese and a few other ingredients.  A small amount is placed on each tortilla before wrapping and placing into a baking dish.  About 30 minutes later Chicken Enchiladas will be ready for dinner.

Yes, I have written complete directions for this recipe before and it can be found here.

Last night we enjoyed them.  It sure was a quick and easy dinner to prepare!  Add tortillas and salsa to your grocery list whenever you will be baking/ grilling chicken.  A few slices of the chicken is key to another delicious dinner!  Leftovers?  Oh, no!  Those extra slices are the main ingredient to a very delicious dinner.  


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