Friday, July 11, 2008

Grilled Sockeye Salmon

After toooo many humid days, it is so comfortable to be outdoors today! ;-) Wanting to spend more time outside is definitely an invitation to use the outdoor grill. Grilled Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is absolutely delicious! It does not need a fancy saucy topping, or any salty addition. The preparation is easy which is also a plus.

On a large dish pour about 2 TBS. Olive Oil. Sprinkle a little Paprika on top. After rinsing a salmon fillet in running cold water, place on the Olive Oil/Paprika. Turn the fish over to coat the side with skin. For grilling we use a metal grilling basket (container) to grill fish. By using it, no pieces fall into the grill. The amount of needed grilling time depends on the size of the piece of salmon and the grill. A 1 lb. piece requires 5 – 7 minutes on each side. The fillet is turned over one time during the grilling process.

Grilled Sockeye Salmon is definitely a healthy favorite of ours. Served along with a microwaved "Baked Potato", sauteed Summer Squash and sauteed Zucchini (Sauteed Combo) dinner will be eaten quickly. Yummy!

Have you prepared Sockeye Salmon using this method? How did your family enjoy it?

The Sauteed Combo (click on bolded words) can be enjoyed any time during the year, but tastes best in the summer. Zucchini and Summer Squash are now available at our local Pioneer Valley roadside vegetable stands. Local fresh produce to enjoy during the summer in Western Massachusetts served along with grilled seafood!


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Jim Moran, LongmeadowBiz said...

"Grilled Sockeye Salmon" + the "Sauteed Combo" makes for an absolutely great dinner. I can easily attest to this delight since I am JG's husband.