Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blueberry Season is here!!!

The local blueberries are available at roadside stands!  On Friday afternoon it was time to stop working on my sewing project.  My blue shorts were put on hold.  My DH & I drove out to Calabrese Farms in Southwick to purchase our year's supply of blueberries.  For me it is a tradition started in  my childhood to prepare & freeze the sweet, juicy, blue fruits of the summer.  Years ago (we'll forget about the number), my family would spend a day in August picking these tasty small pieces of fruit and pay for them by the pound.  There was a procedure involved - first the buckets were weighed after arriving at the blueberry fields.  I prefer my new method - purchase a large quantity of quarts already picked.  :)  

Later on Friday afternoon a large amount of the scrumptious berries were prepared to be frozen.  After going through them, they were double washed, drained, packed in Ziploc Freezer bags, labeled and dated.  

Now, Blueberries are also in our fridge!  Who can resist reaching into a container and getting a handful, especially when so many are available?  Rinse and a tasty, healthy snack awaits!  Oh, there has been snacking.  One batch of Blueberry Freezer Jam was made yesterday and another today.  

I also see a batch of Yummy Blueberry Muffins on the horizon.  If you'd like my recipe, click and print a  recipe card.  I use an Egg and also Egg Whites when baking these light, yummy muffins.  Cinnamon is also added.  One batch yields 22 muffins and they also freeze very well!  So good!       

Are local blueberries available to you?  Do you add them to cold cereal?  Have you made Blueberry Freezer Jam?  It's easy to make and tastes delicious!  Does you family like Blueberry Muffins?




Pam said...

Blueberries are the best and I freeze lots of them also. They are so good in the winter time! One grower told me not to wash them before freezing but I still do it anyway.

Happy@Home said...

How nice to have all of those freshly picked blueberries and I can imagine they will taste especially yummy in December and January.
I have not tried the freezer jam, but it sounds so good. I think I will have to give it a try.
We enjoy blueberries on cereal and yogurt. Also love them in pancakes, muffins, quick breads. Heck, I think I love them in just about everything :-).

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We saw a sign nearby that said you can pick blueberries! They are in season here...and I had blueberry pancakes for lunch today! lol They are so yummy in everything! ♥

Anonymous said...

I just had blueberries for lunch. I love them. I can remember picking them out at my Uncle and Aunt's farm on a little piece of land all of us kids called blueberry hill.

Unknown said...

I love blueberries! I can't wait to see what other tasty treats you will be making with them.

Mary Bergfeld said...

You are a busy woman. I freeze most of our blueberries, though I'll make jam if we are running low. L ove the frozen berries in the winter for pies and other special treats. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your blueberries look delicious - can't wait until they are in season here. Blueberry muffins are my favourite.

Barbara Bakes said...

I don't think blueberries are available locally, but they've been a great price at the market lately. I'll have to pop some in the freezer. That jam sounds amazing.