Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nice and easy!

Last week’s heat wave resulted in totally appreciating our A/C. Since keeping cool was the top priority, it was the perfect opportunity to thread a bobbin or two and start my Janome humming. Over the years I’ve always believed that one needs to be “in the mood” to sew, just in case a seam or two need to be ripped out. :) 

Grilled fish was the perfect choice for dinner and there were choices. “Wild caught” fresh Sockeye Salmon or “wild caught” fresh Swordfish were featured at my local grocery store, Big Y. Just the selection for dinner on a very hot evening!

Fruit salads at lunchtime tasted so good and still do this week! Yes, Banana slices were included along with the sweet red grapes and pieces of juicy cantaloupe. We devour much more fruit in the summer. Do you?
Summer is the time to take it easy! It is nice!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what your sewing! I love fruit salad and the best part is it seems to go well on it's own and anything else I serve. Yours looks yummy!