Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

Section of multicolored map (23' x 30') at Stanley Park
made of New York Slate
It was so pleasant this Christmas with the lack of white powder on our lawns! We had way too much snow in October!  At this time last year we in the northeast were digging our way out of the Nor'easter that arrived the day after Christmas.  It fell with a frenzy causing trying travel plans for many.  The MetroNorth schedule to NYC changed drastically during that period.  Months later a tornado, a microburst, an earthquake, a hurricane and then the infamous Halloween Nor'easter all made their appearances during the year - some in small and others in very large ways - some at and some very close to home.

Fortunately in the 'Meadow, the tree debris from our Halloween surprise has been collected, chipped and removed!  Other towns and cities are still recovering from the June 1 tornado.

During the winter months I always anticipate visiting the beautiful gardens at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA.  Stanley Park is about 35 minutes from my home.  This gem in Western MA is open from May to November and is a gorgeous area to visit and to collect gardening ideas and tips for the home landscaper.  The slate map above is located in front of the Carillon Tower.  The Covered Bridge and the Rose Garden are also always fave spots to visit.  

Taking a peek at the Rose Garden
The colors and the varieties of annuals blend together!   
With less trees in our backyard there will be more sun this coming year.  Perhaps an Herb Garden will have a spot!  It's time to start planning!

Happy New Year!!!


Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

Looks like a lovely park to visit. I remember very well that Nor'easter that hit. So far we've been lucky, the weather has been decent, but I do miss the white stuff. A little :)
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

The weather was just plain crazy this year. We were going to set a record for the driest December in the state's history but it started raining day before yesterday and hasn't no record. Best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy New Year.

Rita said...

What beautiful pictures! We got some snow on Christmas eve this year; it have been bitter cold.
Wishing you all the best for 2012,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy New year my friend! I've enjoyed my visits with you and the recipes and helpful hints! I wonder if you are getting snow now...the weather has changed so much these past few days! Warm hugs! ♥

Barbara Bakes said...

I love your positive attitude. May the new year bring your tons of lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like such a lovely place to visit. I like your photos. I hope you and your family have a very healthy, joyful, and blessed New Year!

JG said...

Carol- Stanley Park has gorgeous flowers. That Nor'easter changed our son's travel/work plans last year.

Cathy- Looking forward to no records this year! :)

Rita- Looking at flowers on a cold day just feels warm.

~Lavender Dreamer- No snow yet! :)

Barbara- I'm planning our gardens!

Charli & me- I always get good gardening ideas & tips while visiting &/or attending a garden workshop at Stanley Park.