Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Getting ready to prep the Freezer Jam
Here in Western MA when the local Strawberry season is ripe, it's a wonderful treat to savor the taste of the fresh, sweet, juicy strawberries!  I always prep a flat of this delicious fruit and store sliced 2- cup portions in Ziploc Freezer Bags to enjoy during the year.  There is a reserved place on the top shelf of our large freezer for them.

On the same freezer shelf, there's also a reserved spot for Strawberry Freezer Jam!  Yesterday, was Jam day.  While growing up my mom, sister & I "put up" jams every summer for our fam to enjoy all year.  Now, I no longer stir the concoction over a hot stove top and use a paraffin wax sealer - like back in the dayFreezer Jam has been my method for quite a few years.  Those Ziploc 1-cup containers are so handy.

Freezer Jam is very easy to prepare.  A package of Certo Liquid Fruit Pectin contains the directions along with 2 pouches of the liquid pectin.  The directions need to be followed exactly.  Wash & dry the 1-cup containers that will be used. Click here for more of my helpful hints and suggestions!

This year the Freezer Jam is especially craved.  After losing all foods in our freezer last Halloween due to the Halloween Nor'easter surprise (with no electricity for 6 days), we purchased commercially prepared jam this past year.  The purchased jam/preserves do not compare in taste when the competition is Homemade Freezer Jam!

Yesterday, three batches were prepared - one batch at a time.  The line up was sitting on our table for the 24 hours - before each batch would be placed in its reserved place in our freezer.  Each container is labelled, including the time when it would take its place on the top shelf.  The last batch of Strawberry Freezer Jam will be stored at 4:30 PM.  :)
Strawberry Freezer Jam Line-Up

Do you make Freezer Jam?  It's scrumptious!  



Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook said...

I've never made Freezer jam. Wish I did, yours looks so good. Such beautiful red berries!

Barbara Bakes said...

Your jam looks luscious! Agreed! Homemade jam is so much better.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Your jam looks wonderful.I make several kinds of freezer jam every year. I don't think mine is as pretty as yours. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

JG said...

Carol- Freezer Jam is so easy to prep. Try'll really like it! :)

Barbara & Mary- We really missed it this past year. So nice to reach into the freezer and take out a container, isn't it?