Sunday, June 2, 2013

Strawberry Simply Delicious

Yesterday it was official!  Our 1st heat wave!  This AM when our outdoor thermometer read 90.5°F, our thoughts were that we did not want a fourth day of 90°F + temps.  A tad too early!

However, with the sun shining brightly, the Zinnia seeds have burst upward!
Zinnia Seeds - Day 6

Our Dogwood Tree outside my Computer/ Sewing Room is looking good!  The branches are filled with these pink edged ivory flowers.

Dogwood Tree

When the weather suddenly gets warm, a cool easy dessert tastes so good!  Simply Delicious!  This particular dessert contains 3 ingredients:  1 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream, 1 small box of (your favorite flavor) Jell-O Gelatin and 1 Cup boiling Water.

Making Strawberry Simply Delicious
 Sugar Free Jell-O works great!

***Last summer this dessert was a hit at our Family Get-Together with the toddlers in our family.  1- Cup Ziploc containers had either Strawberry, Lime or Lemon Simply Delicious.  A squirt of Reddi-wip on top and the little tykes were very happy!  The Ziploc 1- Cup containers were easy to stack in the fridge after filling them - just remember to leave a little "head space" before placing the lid on top.  A FuN dessert for children of all ages!  :)   

Strawberry Simply Delicious - 2 servings

(1) pkg. small box Strawberry flavored Jell-O Gelatin - can be Sugar Free
(1) Cup Vanilla Ice Cream
(1) Cup boiling water


  1. Boil cold water and measure 1 Cup boiling Water for dessert.
  2. Place contents of 1 small pkg. Strawberry flavored Jell-O Gelatin in medium sized mixing bowl.
  3. Pour in hot water and stir well to dissolve Gelatin.
  4. Add 1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream to bowl. 
  5. Whisk or stir well until Ice Cream melts.
  6. Pour into 2 dessert dishes or mugs.
  7. Refrigerate several hours.
  8. Serve with Whipped Cream on top.
I pour the liquid containing the 3 ingredients into coffee mugs before placing in the fridge.  Yesterday, we enjoyed Strawberry Simply Delicious!  Right now, the Lemon flavored is in our fridge.



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That sounds so good. I put a little cream cheese in my lime jello and whip it up...sprinkle pecans on top...for a sugar free dessert! I'll try strawberry next!

JG said...

Lavender Dreamer- Sounds very refreshing! :)


Amy said...

Sounds like an easy and refreshing dessert to cool off in this kind of weather. Lemon sound wonderful. :)