Wednesday, November 21, 2018

~Happy Thanksgiving!!!~

The Cape (Cape Cod) in Massachusetts is one of my fave places!!  There is nothing like sitting on a beach breathing in the salty air and listening to the waves crashing on the shore.  This combination is so peaceful.

Nauset Beach
at Cape Cod (MA)
When we visit, if we are not sitting at the shore watching and listening to the waves, walking along the beach or enjoying a yummy seafood dinner, it is very possible that we are learning a bit more history about this area of our beautiful country. 

A few years ago (in 2012) I wrote a post:  "The Journey of the Pilgrims".  Every year at Thanksgiving I reread it.  During this time when we are celebrating this holiday, it's interesting to learn a little more and remember the history about the voyage of the Mayflower.

During this time at Thanksgiving, click on my post and follow the journey of the brave people who crossed the Atlantic Ocean so many years ago.  It's always fascinating!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!   


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love reading about our country's history. Thanks for the link! I saw the ocean and stopped to look at it first. I love the ocean! Happy THanksgiving!

JG said...

Lavender Dreamer- Learning more of our history is fascinating! Listening to the waves is so relaxing.