Thursday, December 19, 2019

Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies!
It's a great time of year to bake Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies!  Those yummy cookies that are in the shapes of stars, trees, bells and maybe reindeer.  For our family it would not be the Christmas season if I did not bake these cookies during the holidays!  There is a little nutmeg, here.  It has been my favorite sugar cookie recipe for- well, so many years.  The cookies are that good!

They are made in 2 steps!
On day 1 the dough is prepared using a mixer.  Then, it is wrapped in plastic wrap.  Then I wrap it in foil.  Into the fridge it goes overnight. 

The next day- day 2, the FuN begins.  The rolling pin, cookie cutters, colored sprinkles and cookie pans are set on the kitchen counters and table.  It's time to roll out the dough and use the selected cookie cutters.  I usually place about 12 cut out cookies in the cookie pan to bake.  Don't forget the sprinkles!  When the cookies are finished baking, the bottoms of the cookies will be a very light tan.  Then, they are removed from the cookie pan and cooled on a rack.  This is a great time to do a "taste test"!  An hour later, too.     

After the cookies are cool, they can be packaged and placed in the freezer until you are ready to share them!  That is an extra plus!  When the busy holiday arrives, defrost the cookies and they are ready.  Remember to save some to enjoy, now!

My Best Sour Cream Sugar Cookies are now in our freezer.  The end of last week was my opportunity to bake them.  Here is the recipe!

***You do not need to wait to bake them only at this time of year!  Packaged Heart and Bell shaped cookies were included in the "Welcome Bags" for out of town wedding guests when our younger son and daughter- in- law were married.  The sprinkles were the colors they selected for their wedding.  What a great surprise for so many of their guests!!

"Welcome Bag" Cookies
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Add sour cream to your grocery list.  I'm sure you already have the nutmeg.  You will be able to bake a batch of them to be enjoyed for the upcoming holiday!  They are that good!


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