Friday, November 12, 2021

Butternut Squash Bread

Butternut Squash Bread
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Today a delicious Butternut Squash Bread is baking in our oven!  There is no way that I will be freezing it to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day, because I know that after it cools there will be two slices cut for dessert.  While it bakes the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg float out of my kitchen.  It is quite the tease. 

For that same reason I also know that next week I will be baking two more of these yummy breads.  But, after those breads cool, each will be wrapped in heavy duty foil/ labeled and placed in our freezer. 

It was a tradition from my childhood to use Butternut Squash rather than Pumpkin when baking these delicious treats.  My mom always used the Butternuts.  While growing up we had 2 large gardens and definitely had a great supply of them.  Now, I keep that tradition going!   

Plan on baking a Butternut Squash Bread for your family to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day!  It is easy to prepare and tastes so good! 

Click here for my recipe!  

Add Butternut Squash to your grocery list!



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