Friday, November 26, 2021

Turkey a la King

Turkey a la King
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There are slices of roasted Turkey in our fridge. Yes!  Tonight, we will be enjoying Turkey a la King served over sliced toasted oatmeal bread.  We enjoy this dinner. Think small chunks of roasted Turkey that are surrounded by mixed veggies in a creamy white sauce- oh yum!  After Thanksgiving Day this is always a "go to" dinner for me.  The Turkey was cooked yesterday and the veggies are in our freezer.  A can of chicken broth is in our pantry.  What can be easier?

Why roll out or purchase/ use another pie crust to prepare a pot pie?  Using toasted bread is so much easier!  So much quicker too!  There is no need to bake anything in the oven.   

Take a short cut today or tomorrow.  Prepare Turkey a la King using this easy recipe! (Click here for recipe.)  Just remember the Cranberry Sauce!


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