Friday, November 5, 2021

Freezing Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash
(File Photo)

The bushel of Butternut Squash is in our garage w-a-i-t-i-n-g (similar to the bushel that was in our garage last year in October that is pictured above).  Waiting for what you may be thinking.  Waiting for me to get busy and begin prepping this delicious veggie for our freezer!  We always purchase a bushel.  Usually during the month of October, working with a few at a time the Butternut Squash are cleaned/ cut into chunks and steamed, so the chunks can be mashed.  The next step is to place the mashed squash into freezer bags.  After labeling/  dating each bag, into our freezer the bags go.  What a great veggie to enjoy not only now and at Thanksgiving but for months to come!

Butternut Squash ready for the freezer.
(File Photo)

I did say usually I am working on this during the month of October.  Well, I have not been as quick about it this year.  It is time to get busy!  

We enjoy mashed Butternut Squash served at dinner and I also substitute this veggie for pumpkin when baking in so many recipes.  Taking a bag out of the freezer and defrosting overnight in the fridge comes in handy!  If we are having this veggie as a side dish for dinner, I place the frozen veggie (taken out of the bag, first) in a microwave safe baking dish, venting the cover and defrost/ heat in my microwave.  I use my CorningWare.  No butter/ margarine nor sugar is added nor needed before placing the steaming veggie on the dinner table.   

Do you freeze Butternut Squash?  It is so delicious!   

Click here for my complete instructions that are included in this post that I wrote in 2014. 



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