Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Flowers!

Michaels Arts & Crafts Store is definitely one of my favorite places.  Whenever I realize that a new seasonal table arrangement or door decoration is needed, Michaels is my destination.  I enjoy arranging silk flowers.  It's a fun hobby to take the purchased floral stems, cut the selected flower/flowers to a desired length and place the stem ends into a foam block that has been glued inside the bottom of a container.  One placed here, another there.  There is no time limit and I find it quite relaxing.    

About two weeks ago when I shopped, it was a tad more fun to wander in the front aisles of Michaels, because all of the floral stems were discounted 50%.  Yes, definitely I knew this before my car left our driveway.  Purchasing an item on sale is the way to go.  That is my belief with most items, unless it is needed pronto.    

After Thanksgiving last year I did take advantage of the Michaels specials on containers/baskets.  The fall colored basket that I had chosen last year would be filled this fall with autumn colored flowers.

My DH takes care of the first step a day or two before I plan to start my new floral arrangement.  A foam block is cut & glued down inside the container.  Then, the highest flower's stem is cut (with wire cutters) and placed in the center and pushed down into the foam.  One additional flower is placed on each end of the container.  Those are the guidelines.  Turning the container/basket constantly while cutting & pressing the stems down, the project is completed.  Today's project took about an hour while the raindrops were falling.  :)  

Do you find hobby supplies at Michaels? 




Cathy said...

I love shopping at Michael's and if I hit a good sale day heaven only knows what I'll come home with. I want to make a fall wreath so will have to stop by there sometime this week.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love making flower arrangements, too! I don't like to glue something down though...I am always changing my arrangements! lol Love these colorful Fall flowers! You'll enjoy this! ♥

Carol said...

Always more fun on sale, I agree :) I used to go on a regular basis when my kids were small and were into crafts and beads and stuff. Now I haven't been in a while, I'm not so crafty! But you are, that's a very pretty basket!