Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unreal Egg Salad

Every morning this summer a Whip-poor-will's melodious song entertains us while we are eating breakfast.  Listening to this beautiful call is now an AM routine for my DH & me.  Today I listened while adding a few more items onto our grocery list.  One item was Tofu.

After getting our dose of culture at the Met two Sunday's ago, we stopped into the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat.  The Tofu Wraps in the case caught my attention!  For quite a few years tofu was a staple on my grocery list.  During the winter months at lunchtime "Unreal Egg Salad" on Raisin Bread tasted divine.  So, looking into the "wrap/sandwich case" and spying a wrap filled with tofu sounded wonderful.  It was!  This wrap also contained a few Craisins and lettuce.
This past week Craisins with Pomegranate Juice was featured at our local Costco.  Now, Craisins are a staple in my pantry and they were on my Costco list.  At that moment I envisioned a Tofu Wrap including about 5 of these Craisins.  Into the cart the package went! 
A package of tortillas are always located on the bottom shelf in my fridge.  This week we will enjoy a Tofu Wrap!  With Craisins!       

Unreal Egg Salad - 2 wraps

Firm Tofu - about 1" slice Tofu cut into very small pieces
1/4 teaspoon dry Ground Mustard
1/8 teaspoon Paprika
Mayonnaise - desired amount
5-10 Craisins
2 Tortillas

  1. Cut about 1" slice firm Tofu into very small pieces.
  2. After placing Tofu pieces in a small bowl, add Ground Mustard and Paprika, stir.
  3. Add desired amount of Mayonnaise.
  4. Place in center of tortilla, spread.
  5. Add 5 Craisins and lettuce.
  6. Fold over 3/4" two opposite sides of tortilla.
  7. Now starting at one unfolded end roll filled tortilla to opposite end.
  8. Enjoy!
Enjoying the Tofu Wrap reminded me how much we always enjoyed Unreal Egg Salad on Raisin Bread.  Definitely needed to be placed on my grocery list.

When making this yummy wrap all of the Tofu is not used at once, so it is stored following these instructions:  
  • After opening the Tofu package and taking the desired amount, store the remaining Tofu properly.
  • Place in a container that has a lid.  Add cold water to cover Tofu. 
  • Place the lid on and store in the fridge. 
  • Every day the water is drained and more cold water added to cover the Tofu. 
  • Use within 1 week. 
Small chunks of Tofu also taste great in a veggie salad!



Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

This wrap sounds delicious. I love craisins in salads!

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

looks divine..
first time your space..
very interesting posts..
Am your happy follower now..:)
do stop by mine sometime..
Tasty Appetite

JG said...

Summer + wraps = Yum! Craisins are the best.

Mary Bergfeld said...

It's a bit unusual but it sounds delicious.I love wraps and find it hard to refuse them.This sounds terrific. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

Yum, I love a good wrap! I'm not a big tofu person but this does sound delicious. The cranberries would give a bit of sweetness. And it sounds so healthy too!

Pam said...

This is definitely a little different and it sounds good to me. Wraps are easy and delicious too, a perfect thing for summer. Bet your dose of culture was wonderful!!!

JG said...

Mary & Cathy- This Wrap is good.

Pam- It's always great finding a Wrap on a menu. I can get lost in the Met. :)