Friday, July 29, 2011

Pudding Pops

Pleasingly plain Pudding Pops!  On a warm ... o.k.... hot day opening the freezer door and locating refreshing Vanilla Pudding Pops even sounds like a cool idea.  It sure is an easy idea.  My Tupperware molds, 1 box of Cook & Serve Jell-O Pudding and 2 Cups Milk were located and I was on my way.  After the pudding was prepared and it cooled a few minutes, I poured it into the molds.  Snap on the tops and place in the molds' tray.  After a few hours in the freezer a refreshingly cold dessert awaits!

This summer I've seen "pop molds" in the kitchen depts. of various stores.  Mine were purchased years ago.  They sure do come in handy.  (Grape Juice makes yummy purple pops!)

I use Jell-O brand Cook & Serve pudding for a simple reason - when using this brand I do not burn any pudding in the pot.  No need for that for me.  :) 

Time to make more Pudding Pops!  Maybe chocolate! 



Rita said...

Love these! Saving for this grandkids next visit.

Velva said...

These pudding pops are delightful. The outside temp is triple digits and these would be perfect.