Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pops From the Past

Wow! The white freezer pop molds and tray were packed away in the brown cardboard box for at least two years. So that’s where they were all this time! I could not remember where they were located, but I knew that I still had them … somewhere.

Many summers ago when my sons were young children Pudding Pops could be found in our freezer to enjoy on a hot sweltering day. Yesterday, locating my Tupperware molds and the tray was a great find for me. So … it did not take me long to wash the molds/tray and use them after a number of years. While they were drying I prepared a box of Jello Cook & Serve Vanilla Pudding, according to package directions. After the pudding cooled for about 30 minutes, I spooned the creamy delicious pudding into the molds and attached the plastic sticks on the ends. Onto the tray and into the freezer they went.

Today my hubby located these “Pops From the Past”. After devouring a Vanilla Pudding Pop, he happily announced that they taste as good as he remembered. Nice!

Pudding Pops are so easy to make. Easy is good! And … everyone enjoys eating this yummy treat. The freezer molds can be purchased during the summer months.

My pudding of choice is Jello Cook & Serve. I like this brand, because the pot is always easy to clean after preparing the Jello pudding.

Does your family enjoy Pudding Pops? Do you make them? What is your favorite flavor? Vanilla is mine! Do you like chocolate?



Karin W. said...

I have never heard of Pudding Pops before. Well, it sure sounds interesting. Can I use an instant vanilla pudding mix?

JG said...

I always purchase and use the Cook & Serve pudding mix. Never have tried the instant, so I do not know how it would work.

Pudding Pops are good!

Carol said...

I love the chocolate ones :) and the best part to me is licking the pot! We had those same popsicle thingees way back when!

Anonymous said...

I have never tried a pudding pop. what a cleaver idea. I'll bet the lemon would be good. I'm going to look for some molds and give it a try. Thank you.