Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Freezer Jam

There are only two containers of Freezer Jam remaining in our freezer – one container of Blueberry Jam and the other is Strawberry Jam. Every year during the month of May, I purchase the Certo and the 8 oz. Ziploc Containers for the preparation of the upcoming batches of jam. Making jam was always a summer activity when I was growing up. However, jam was only prepared by stirring the mixture over a hot stove in the heat of the summer. Years later, the process of making homemade jam became so much easier. The directions for Freezer Jam were included in the Certo box.

That first summer I gave it a try by following the directions exactly. Sugar was added to the washed crushed berries/fruit and stirred. The fruit mixture “sat” in a large bowl for 10 minutes and a combination of lemon juice and liquid Certo was added to the fruit mixture and then stirred for 3 minutes. Then the mixture was placed in the washed and dried Ziploc Containers and the lids were placed on the top. After adding the label, the prepared jam sat on my dining room table for 24 hours, just as the directions stated. Then, it was placed in our freezer to be stored and to be enjoyed at a later date.

Making that first batch of Freezer Jam proved to me that the much easier process was the method to use. When the strawberries ripen in our local area it will be time to make Strawberry Jam. Following that will be Blueberry Jam and then Peach Jam. This jam is absolutely delicious as a flavoring for Yummy Yogurt or on toast. Follow the directions exactly! It is scrumptious!!!

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