Top 12 Picks

The twelve top recipes located on A Tasty Thought that you, my friends, have searched for, located, prepared and enjoyed.


Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes - Who can resist a pancake filled with Blueberries?  Using Buttermilk results in a light pancake.

Banana Cream of Wheat - On a cold winter morning enjoy a bowl of warm Banana flavored cereal made with Milk & a fresh overripe Banana.
Raisin Zucchini Muffins - Muffins flavored with Cinnamon and containing Raisins!  Who would guess that Zucchini is an ingredient?


Grilled Sockeye Salmon - Olive Oil and a sprinkle or two of Paprika used with a grilling basket/container makes grilling flavorful Salmon quick and easy!  Tastes so good!

Grilled Haddock - In New England fresh Haddock is available to us.  Frozen fillets that have been defrosted can also be grilled.  A dash of Thyme and of Paprika added to Olive Oil and you are on your way.  Use a grilling basket/container while grilling.

Chicken Florentine a la Slow Cooker - A wonderful meal to prepare and enjoy in the heat of the summer or on a cold winter evening.  Chicken + Spinach plus a few other delicious ingredients.  Slow Cookers and Crock Pots are great!

Sausage Soup - A meal simmering in a pot containing many veggies!  Freeze extra portions to enjoy another day.  Just add more Chicken Broth when reheating. 


Easy Cheesy NoodlesOh, this is one of my childhood faves! Easy and delicious!  Prepare the Pasta + add the Cottage Cheese.  Yummy!

Roasted Yams & Carrots - Veggies coated with Olive Oil, Oregano, Pepper, Garlic Powder and other herbs roasting in the oven on a cold evening.  These colorful veggies taste yummy!


Raisin Craisin Apple Crisp - It's a tradition!  Warm, baked apple slices with Raisins and Craisins topped with crunchy Oats, Nutmeg + Cinnamon.  A small scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream added = Yummy!

Craisin Raisin Oaties - The name describes this cookie perfectly.  Great choice when mailing a "Care Package" to a college student!  Definitely full of fiber!

Blueberry Delissimo - Always a fave!  Top with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream!

Cooking is Chemistry with fun added in!