Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Over the years my husband and my two sons have always given me honest input regarding any food that I have prepared. A very long time ago, it is now decades, Cranorange Coffee Cake (click on link for recipe card) became our favorite dessert after our Christmas dinner. I had acquired two recipes for this moisty, flavorful, colorful cake. One recipe used Cran/Orange Relish and the other recipe used Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce.

I have learned that the best time to purchase the Cran/Orange Relish is during the month of November. Grocery stores do not stock a large inventory. However, if this particular item is not located, there is always Plan B. Use the Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce with an addition of 2 tsp. of Orange Extract stirred in before using.

Currently, the cake that we will enjoy on Christmas Day is baking in my oven. After cooling, it will be wrapped in heavy-duty foil and placed in the freezer. This scrumptious cake is moister if it has been frozen and defrosted before serving. After defrosting tomorrow night, the almond flavored icing will be drizzled on top.

A slice of Cranorange Coffee Cake will be enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. This is also a delicious cake to serve to your guests on New Year’s Day!


Enjoy the holidays!

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