Monday, January 11, 2010

Yummy Buttermilk Pancakes!

It all started with the purchase of a quart of Buttermilk last week. My Hubby saw the container in our fridge and commented to me that a plate of Buttermilk Pancakes would taste so good for Breakfast on the weekend. Oh, he was right! In my usual manner of thinking, the Buttermilk Pancakes routine brings out the container of Quaker Oats for Awesome Oatmeal Pancakes. But not this time.

I envisioned a plate of light, fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes dripping with Maple Syrup. Not being able to locate my recipe, I sat down in front of my computer and “Googled”. The recipe that I printed was easy, sounded scrumptious and I had all of the ingredients. Thank you BURYGOLD for posting your mouth-watering recipe on On Saturday morning those pancakes hit the spot! I also added defrosted Blueberries to the batter after the batter was placed on my griddle.

Buttermilk Pancakes II (click here) are absolutely delicious! They are so light and fluffy! So Yummy!

We did have extras. After they cooled, they were placed in sandwich bags, then in Ziploc Freezer bags and placed in our freezer. More yummy breakfasts await us.

That was a great idea that my Hubby had!


Anonymous said...

I might make this for dinner one night. Sometimes we like breakfast foods at dinner. I also would like to try the oatmeal pancakes. Thanks. Stay warm ♥

Happy@Home said...

Oh, these look yummy. Just the way I like them ~ light & fluffy. My husband specializes in blueberry buttermilk pancakes at our house. He always triples the recipe and then freezes them. In fact that is what we had for breakfast this a.m.

Carol said...

Looks fantastic! I love a good breakfast like that on the weekend!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Thanks for the Awesome oatmeal pancake recipe!
I can make some and feel like they are "healthy" (which I'm sure they are!)
Maybe even add some blueberries or craisins to them, rather like the blueberry pancakes!

teresa said...

these look like an absolutely fabulous breakfast!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We so often think alike! We bought a new griddle this week so I picked up some buttermilk and fresh blueberries and we had them Monday night for what we call...Breakfast supper. I think buttermilk makes pancakes and biscuits and cornbread so much better! So now that I have the carton open, I'll be making biscuits next! I love your recipes! I've never made oatmeal pancakes, but I love oatmeal so I know they would be good! ♥♥♥

Mary Bergfeld said...

These look wonderful. Your husband had a great idea. You can enjoy them for many moments to come.