Friday, September 7, 2012

Packing the Peppers

It seems to be much like the workings of a clock.  Every week my Solar Green Tea is brewed on my window sill.  A double batch of Yummy Yogurt will find its place on the top shelf in my fridge.  Just after Labor Day every September, (Boston College Football gets my attention and) I remember to freeze the Green Pepper strips.  It's like's just that time of year thing!  Sure, I could purchase a "fresh" pepper or a bag of the frozen cut pieces in the grocery store, but the peppers are not always firm and the chunks are well... they are small.  I went that route last year after the Halloween Nor'easter and results of a 6 day power outage.  

Yesterday was Green Pepper Day!  The purchased local firm fresh Green Peppers were in my fridge...waiting and I was ready for the task!  The process is simple!  Rinse the fresh Green Peppers under cool running water and dry.  Cut off tops.  Discard seeds.  Each Pepper is cut into strips.   A handful of Pepper strips are placed in a plastic sandwich bag.  (I do not use exact measurements.)  Close the sandwich bag and fold over.  Carefully, place all sandwich bags in a Ziploc Freezer BagSeal, label and place in freezer.

The Ziploc Bag shown below?  Oh that bag was for my scraps...made clean up very easy.
Green Pepper Strips and Chunks
Pepper chunks can be cut off of the tops, so I also had a bowl of chunks to freeze.  Quite often in the colder months when I am making a dinner that contains tomato sauce, I'll reach into my freezer for the cleaned Pepper strips.  WooHoo!

Do you store local fresh veggies in your freezer to use later in the year?  They come in handy!  



Pam said...

Woo hoo! That's a great idea! I've frozen peppers in the past and this reminds me to do it again. This time, I will cut them into strips instead of chopping them up.

JG said...

Pam- Cutting into strips saves time! :)